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On top of the fancy decorations, lovely accessories, and quality furnishings, good lighting design is what truly makes the overall interior composition complete. What good would all these pieces be if your interior space is not well-lit?

Incorporating light is not as simple as installing a bulb or a recessed fixture on the ceiling. Interior design lighting is both an art and a science. The right number of lumens, glow, temperature, and spread should be calculated for a better visual result.

Furthermore, the style of the fixture also matters. It should be complementary to your interior style. Let’s take a deep dive into the art of interior lighting and how you can make an impression in your interior space through luxury lighting.

Cloud Pendant - Large
Cloud Pendant – Large


The most straightforward way of achieving a grand opulent look is to hang an expensive, sparkly chandelier in the centre of your living room, above the staircase, or in the dining area. Selecting a large-scale chandelier is highly suggestive since it can easily catch the attention of everyone who enters the room.

Butler Pendant - Small
Butler Pendant – Small

2. decorate with pendant lights

Pendant lights, of course, are a perfect decoration for a lovely and shiny kitchen island/kitchen counter. There are a lot of pendant lighting fixtures that would look gorgeous in a kitchen. Make sure to pick one that either complements or contrasts with your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Finlay Floor Lamp
Finlay Floor Lamp

3. don’t forget floor lamps

Floor lamps are the new avant-garde in the lighting design. Their unique form and style are somewhat peculiar and interesting to the eye. Unlike table lamps, floor lamps are more modern which makes them a perfect lighting alternative for small limited areas because of their sleek and minimalistic form.

Lane table lamp Black
Lane table lamp Black

4. accentuate with table lamps 

Table lamps are a chef’s kiss in an interior composition. Lighting cannot be complete without table lamps. While they may seem purely decorative in a room, table lamps contribute to the entire display of lighting. They cast a glow that creates the desired ambient which makes them perfect to have in places such as console tables, side tables to highlight the accessories and decorations there.

Seville Table Lamp
Seville Table Lamp

5. mix and match to create interest

Lastly, don’t forget to be creative when designing or planning about how you want your lighting to be. Create the right mood you want to evoke in your space. Choose the shiny, sparkly, and extravagant fixtures for the ultimate luxurious look. These fixtures don’t have to be expensive. It all comes down to how you style everything together to get the classy, luxury appeal.

A good lighting composition can truly make your interior look opulent and elegant. Just be cautious not to overdo it and carefully select luxurious fixtures and areas of the house where they will have the most impressive impact while still serving their purpose. To get ideas, take a look at our luxurious lighting collection right here.