Velvet article

Velvet is a fantastic fabric for a living room. Who doesn’t adore the soft texture, warmth, sophisticated aesthetic, and statement brilliance of velvet? Velvet is the type of fabric that can combine the elements of style, comfort, and durability, which is why it is regarded as the fabric for all seasons. Aside from its unbelievably soft fibres and a smooth, lustrous covering, velvet can convert even the most basic couch into a gorgeous feature piece. Not only that, regardless of what style you want to dress up your space, having a velvet element will never fail to make your interior look and feel expensive. Here are tips on how to decorate your living room with velvet.

1. select velvet upholstered furniture

Whether it’s a couch, a stool, an accent chair, or a dining chair, velvet-upholstered furniture is a must-have. When it comes to creating a space that feels warm and homey while also being stylish with a touch of class and luxury, a velvet piece can do the trick. Choose a sumptuous velvet sofa and design your living room around it. This Graphite Grey Velvet Fabric sofa is a terrific addition to any living room.


Aside from making velvet a central theme component of your interior’s visual aesthetic, you can also use velvet pieces to create a bit of drama into the visual scheme. In interior design, small details play a big role in making statement pieces stand out. If you have an existing couch which is not velvet-upholstered, but you want to add a velvet piece into your living room, why not pick velvet add-on pieces for added style such as simple as velvet throw pillows, or perhaps this black velvet ottoman or this black velvet bench with armrests would definitely accentuate your entryway.


Velvet’s distinct appeal and features make it a fabric that can be utilised for more than just interior design; it can also be used for decorating, style, and embellishing. Velvet textiles come in a wide range of colours. The cloth has a sheen to it that makes the space sparkle and appear aesthetically appealing. This step involves creating a velvet centrepiece. A velvet-upholstered sofa will serve as a terrific focal point. Once you’ve made velvet the focal point of your home design, the rest will fall into place. It is most likely one of the most crucial finishing touches that give the room an immediate spirit and tie everything together.


To stand out, a velvet fabric, like fashion, requires the correct accessories. Choose a design style and work from there. It is strongly advised that you create a mood board first to have a clearer vision of the desired outcome. Velvet looks its finest when coupled with gleaming ornaments. Gold accessories, furniture with golden or metallic bases and framings, and antique décor items all fall into this category.


Velvet may be used in a multitude of ways in your home. This includes velvet drapes and velvet carpets, both of which have the power to add style to your living area. The key is to avoid going overboard with the velvet. If you go with a velvet sofa, use a separate fabric for the carpets and walls. To properly pull off that fashionable imitable look, it’s all about blending different textures and aesthetics of materials.

Can’t wait to spruce up your space with the velvet craze? Take a look at our catalog of velvet-upholstered furniture and find your next velvet piece.