Glass and mirrored furniture

Mirror and glass surfaces look undoubtedly gorgeous when added to any room. Aside from its practical benefits like making the room appear brighter and more spacious, mirrored furniture also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space. It is one of the many cost-effective ways of making your rooms appear expensive and luxurious without actually spending a lot in cash.

However, mirrored furniture like other surfaces made of glass, can be extremely fragile and require effort to maintain. Don’t worry! Looking after mirrored furniture is not complicated. In fact, it is just as simple as taking care of any other type of furniture.

Here are simple steps to follow to keep your mirrored and glass furniture clean and in good condition for years to come.

1. place them in safe and sound location

Placement is always the key. Keep in mind that this type of furniture is often fragile, so avoid placement in high-traffic areas. Putting one in a small hallway where people usually rush around may not be a good idea. Keep them away from areas where the kids usually hang out or play as they might accidentally bump on its edges or move the furniture. Instead, look for safe corners where they can be positioned safely and undisturbed.

2. wipe or dust weekly

Prevent dust from building up by wiping the surface of the glass or mirrored furniture with a micro-fibre cloth. A mirrored surface can easily reflect layers of dust. Therefore, make it a habit to clean your furniture weekly to maintain its natural shine. Keep substances that can likely cause stains away from the surface. These substances can be hair dye, alcohol, or lotions. In instances where such substances come in contact with your furniture, quickly wipe or clean the spills away to avoid further stains.

3. avoid placing heavy items on top of the furniture

Mirrored furniture is undoubtedly quality made with superior craftsmanship and durability. However, because the surface is made of glass or a mirror, keep in mind that it can still be vulnerable to scratches and cracks. Glass is breakable so avoid putting heavy items on top of it that might cause it to crack. Examples of items that might be too heavy include sculptures, huge vases, heavy bonsai or potted plants, huge artworks, and the likes.

4. don’t drag when moving the furniture

Like other types of furniture, do not drag your mirrored furniture piece when moving it. This might damage the legs or it will leave scrapes and scratches not just on the floor but on the furniture’s legs as well. If the furniture is made of glass all over, the scrapes may make it look shabby and not well taken care of. You don’t want to display a piece of run-down furniture and call it luxurious and classy right?

5. apply polish for extra shine

Research for the best and most reliable product for cleaning and polishing glass. The most significant characteristic of glass is the extra glimmer and shine that it brings to the space. The reflective surface evokes elegance and glam so you will always want to maintain that appeal. More than just cleaning it with a micro-fibre cloth, take good care of it by going to the extra effort to polish it.

When you take care of things they last. Regardless of what type of furniture material you have, if you know the right way to care and look after them, they are going to last longer and still look as fresh and brand new as you first bought them.