Africa is an exotic and beautiful continent that is rich with a vibrant culture that inspires its unique interior design style. This classic decor style uses texture, dynamic patterns, animal prints and unique decor items to create an exotic and modern ambiance. If the mystique of the sprawling African landscapes has you feeling inspired to incorporate some African style into your home, then there is an entire world of decorative possibility at your fingertips.  


The wonderful thing about African decor is that it can fit into a home of any style. If your home is modern, eclectic, minimalist, or traditional, there are a variety of African decor elements that will add a more dynamic and colourful character to your existing decor. 

moroccan rugs

A vintage Moroccan rug can immediately transform a room. Whether you go with a simple black and white geometric pattern or go all-in with a more vibrant tribal design, they quickly become a focal point in the room and act as a unique piece of artwork to anchor any space.

earthy and vibrant palette

The colour palette in an African-styled home pulls from the natural colours found within the continent’s landscape. You’ll find deep golds, burnt oranges, earthy browns, and tans, with contrasting geometric patterns of black and white. 

modern and antique furniture

In contrast to the more vibrant and eclectic nature of the African decor, much of the furniture is modest and modern in soft earthy tones. Drum-style coffee tables are popular with their soft round shapes and are often used in multiples to create unique designs at the centre of the living room. There are also instances where more vintage Victorian style furniture is used, and this beautiful safari-like style can look fabulous in a simple cottage.

textural elements

There is a significant emphasis on texture in this particular design style. While furniture like couches and dining tables are often simple, sleek, and modern, the decorative elements are much more eclectic and patterned. You can choose to layer an animal skin rug over a jute one or set a black and white geometric-patterned chair next to a simple tan couch to add more African style to your room. There is also an African style element that has recently become a modern style trend which is to create intricate basket designs and hang them on the wall.

african artwork

There is a lot of versatility in the types of African artwork you can incorporate in your home. Black and white photographs from the different regions make for beautiful framed pieces on a wall. Tribal illustrations, canvases, or tapestries are also quite common and can pair nicely with either a modern or bohemian-style home. 

embrace african design

There are so many decorative elements from this expressive style that you can incorporate into your home today. From the raw textures to the decorative prints, there is a piece of African style that will fit harmoniously in any home. We offer a collection of furniture pieces and rugs that we hope will inspire you to add some more African interior design to your home. Browse our offerings today and embrace your originality in interior design.