Linen article


Linen is a textile manufactured from the flax plant’s fibres. It is the world’s strongest natural fibre and far more durable than cotton. In interior design linen fabric is utilised in a variety of ways. The most common use is perhaps on window treatments. Linen is a good material for curtain panels because it allows air to pass through, offering privacy and circulation. When it comes to beddings, pure bed linens have a smooth, natural feel. The more they’re cleaned, the more organic and softer they seem and feel, and the natural wrinkled aspect of the fabric adds to the appeal.

Here are several décor pieces and items you can add where linen is incorporated.

1. dining chairs

Linen dining chairs are stylish and durable. This type of chair comes in a variety of colours and styles, most of which can be paired with different dining table shapes and sizes. What’s great about linen dining chairs is that they are easier to maintain compared to other textiles. The fabric is also lightweight which makes the chair light as well. This Lula Dining chair is designed with meticulous attention to detail. The quilted back and sides provide texture and timeless appeal and make it beautiful from any angle.

2. curtains

If you want to attract attention away from a less-than-pleasant view or enhance the beautiful scenery you already have, new window coverings will do wonders for your home. A linen curtain or shade is an excellent choice if you want your space to be bright and airy during hot summer days since the light fabric will not block the sun’s rays. They’re also a fashionable alternative to traditional curtains that add a welcoming atmosphere to your house.

3. lampshades

Getting the ideal lamp shade may be difficult. Things might get tricky when it comes to finding something that matches the style of the lamp itself and ensuring that it produces the correct light. Linen lampshades, on the other hand, could be the solution you’ve been searching for; they’re stylish but not overpowering, and they’ve always been on trend. Check out our variety of linen lampshades with different shades and styles here.

4. upholstered chests

Upholstered chests are rarely showcased in interior design. One reason for this is that it’s a bit challenging to pull off a style featuring this type of furniture. However, this does not stop talented and creative interior designers from selecting such a piece and crafting a look that’s totally lit. this type of furniture work best for modern Victorian interiors, Hollywood regency, eclectic, and art deco. This Astley Upholstered chest is an epitome of both function and beauty capable of transforming your bedroom from mundane to grand.

5. headboards

Linen is known for making spaces feel warm and comfy. Aside from linens being an excellent fabric for beddings, they can also be a great headboard upholstery. A linen-upholstered headboard will make your bed extra comfy. One example is this Manhattan Bedhead, upholstered in elegant natural linen which can not only make your bed feel warm but also look sophisticatedly clean and contemporary.

 If you’re looking for a new linen fabric item for your house, go no further than our selection of linen products here.