Decorate with Hamptons furniture

The relaxed, calming, and breezy vibe of Hampton’s interior design style has captured the hearts of Australians. It has been the most popular and sought-after interior style primarily because of its lovely features and the charming ambiance it creates. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be in a space that can make your home feel warm and cosy.

If you want to live in a house that will allow you to experience the pure comfort of a luxury vacation without stepping out of your door, then you should definitely go Hamptons with your interior.

The secret to achieving the Hamptons interior design style lies in the selection of furnishings, decorations, and accessories. So, how do you actually select the perfect furniture to pull off the look? Read on.

Kylie Occasional Chair - Black
Kylie Occasional Chair – Black 2

1. opt for large bulky accent chairs

Perhaps the most distinguishing features of a Hampton interior, are the plush, comfy chairs that are so comfortable to sit on. Bulky accent chairs can come in the form of Lawson armchairs, wingbacks, club chairs, or the traditional Bergère. Yes, there’s nothing quite like the taste of classical touch.

Tuxedo 3 Seater Tufted Sofa - Cool Grey Linen
Tuxedo 3 Seater Tufted Sofa – Cool Grey Linen

2. choose couches made with natural fibres

We can’t possibly achieve a beachy interior vibe without the natural materials. Think beautiful soft linens! If you have a deck or a patio, opt for outdoor seating made of natural fibres such as rattan, jute, or a woven sisal rope. Using these kinds of materials will absolutely make your space feel and look like a coastal haven even when your house is miles away from the beach.

Emperor Wing Back Occasional Chair – Black Linen - 2
Emperor Wing Back Occasional Chair – Black

3. wingback chairs are a great option

It can’t be Hamptons without the plushy wingback chairs cloth in soft linens and fabrics that have either stripe, Moroccan pattern, or the detailed paisley. Having a pair of wingback chairs accentuating the couch can fully elicit the coastal vibe.

Chloe Nesting Coffee Table - Black
Chloe Nesting Coffee Table – Black

4. nesting tables with natural stone surfaces

It is common to see wooden elements in interior design styles that are inspired by the beauty and charm of the coast – Hamptons included. Traditionally, coffee tables used to be made of reclaimed wood but in today’s contemporary setting, people are switching to nesting tables with natural stone surfaces such as marble with copper and metal tone structures. It is the best option for small living rooms because they can be stacked or modified depending on what arrangement will work for your space.

Birkshire 3 Seater Slip Cover Sofa - Off White Linen
Birkshire 3 Seater Slip Cover Sofa – Linen

5. pick lawson style couches

The key to selecting the right Hampton furniture pieces is to always pick the biggest or the bulkiest furniture type. In this case, Lawson-style couches fit the description. The Lawson couch is a comfy classic with a basic form, loose back cushions, and a three-seat configuration. The setback arms may be rolled or squared for a comfortable napping height. Couches upholstered with linen materials are considered ideal.

Oasis rattan side table
Oasis rattan side table

6. complete the look with a rattan stool

Finally, add a bit of rattan with a side stools. This is a unique addition to your overall Hamptons-style composition because its effortless appeal makes the space look and feel more like a waterfront beach house.

The Hamptons style, although a bit challenging to achieve is also very much doable. In fact, you don’t need to change all of your furniture right away. Simply select those pieces that will stand out the most to distinguish your living area as Hamptons. Browse through our catalog of furniture items to find the right Hampton furniture style perfect for your home.