Looking after velvet

When it comes to creating an interior environment that appears luxurious and grand but also has an essential feeling of comfort and warmth, velvet fabric furniture is every designer’s preferred choice. Velvet fabric is extremely soft to the touch and comfy to sit on, which is why many people want to own a velvet sofa. It also comes in a variety of colours, so no matter what style you want to create in your house, there’s almost always going to be a velvet sofa for that. They do, however, require meticulous maintenance if you want them to appear their best for years to come.

Here are 4 simple ways to look after a velvet upholstered furniture:

1. brush or vacuum regularly

Vacuuming your velvet furniture regularly is the most basic technique to clean and maintain its condition. Two pieces of cloth face each other and threads are weaved between them to create velvet upholstery. When you cut these apart, you’ll get two sheets of cloth with a short, soft pile. The pile can retain dust and debris, so a simple wipe or brush may not always be enough to remove all of the particles. Therefore, be sure to vacuum your velvet fabric on a regular basis to prevent dust from collecting on the surface.

2. iron our pressure marks

If you own a velvet sofa, you’ve probably noticed that sitting on it for an extended period of time can cause pressure marks to form. It is natural for markings to appear when they are crushed through because velvet is dependent on the individual fibres of the pile standing on the end. These marks will come back to normal on their own in a short while. However, if you want to get rid of them faster use steam and brush the fabric in the direction of the pile gently to lift it.

3. gently rub with a wet cloth to remove stains

If you accidentally spill a drink on a piece of velvet furniture, notice that the water soaks in the fabric rapidly and it can sometimes be difficult to clean. The liquid, on the other hand, may be removed by gently wiping the affected area with a towel and gently dabbing it without applying too much pressure. It’s crucial to remember that velvet cleaning takes a great deal of time and effort. When these things happen, don’t be frustrated; they may simply be fixed by following the cleaning recommendations. Consult a professional cleaner if you have bigger, difficult-to-clean stains.

4. dry spills with a hair dryer

Coffee, wine, juice, and other coloured liquids are likely to spring to mind when you think about stains. Even water, it turns out, can leave stains. When water interacts with cloth, minerals, and other tiny particles it can create discolouration. The formation of stain markings occurs when water remains on the cloth for an extended length of time. To avoid this, simply use a hairdryer to dry the surface. To avoid heat damage, keep a safe distance between the hairdryer and the cloth surface.

Caring for your furniture pieces is important to keep their beauty and quality last a lifetime. You can save  this blog as a reference for cleaning velvet furniture. Now you know how to maintain velvet upholstery, you might want to check out our set of velvet furniture here.