Bone inlay furniture

Bone inlay furniture looks great in any setting. It’s design and fine craftsmanship are absolutely remarkable. Bone inlay is a centuries-old artistic technique that includes inserting small, hand-carved bits of bone into the surface of an item. As a result, a stunning pattern of contrasting colours and textures is produced, either floral or geometric, adding a distinctive creative touch to any home.

For anybody who owns a bone inlay furniture piece, intends to have one in the future, or is now thinking of buying one, here are 5 easy care instructions to help you maintain your bone inlay furniture looking nice and in good shape all the time.


Typically, what we know about furniture is that they usually fade when they are exposed to sunlight. That is not the case for bone inlay. This type of furniture starts to turn yellow and becomes pigmented when not exposed to daylight. When exposed to the sun, bone inlay furniture lightens and becomes even more polished.

Place your furniture in a spot where it can get an adequate amount of daylight where the sun is not too direct or harsh. Simply place bone inlay furniture near a hallway or window to receive direct sunlight. The rays of the sun will add a beautiful brilliance to its patterns. It can retain the correct shape of the bone inlay and vibrant hues.

2. clean it regularly

Like other furniture, regular cleaning is a must. Wiping it with a clean cloth will keep the furniture from degrading and therefore maintain its charm and gleam. Designate a cloth ideally made of cotton or a soft material specifically for cleaning your bone inlay furniture. You should have a variety of cloth for cleaning different materials. This will help to avoid staining your furniture with chemicals or cleaning solvent that might be on the cloth.

3. avoid uaine cleaning products with strong chemicals

Cleaning products with strong chemicals like bleach and other types of detergents can be harmful to delicately carved bone inlay furniture. In certain cases where cleaning with a cloth is not enough, use mild cleaners that are particularly used for bone inlay furniture. Consult a professional furniture cleaner for certain products they use for cleaning and maintenance.

4. put in a location with moderate temperature

The room where the furniture is placed should not be too hot or too cold. The temperature should be just right to avoid the material from making any deformities. Extreme temperature can cause the wood, resin, and organic base of the furniture to expand or contract. If you have bone inlay furniture and have seen these changes or deformities in your piece, the temperature might be the cause.

2. apply citric acid to remove stains

If your bone inlay furniture is slightly yellowed or showing signs of pigmentation, the first solution is to apply citric acid to the stain. In simple cases, this trick will work. But if it doesn’t, mix a half solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Apply the solution over the yellowish area with a brush. When it is dry, wipe and polish the furniture.

So, there you have it. Maintaining the appearance of bone inlay furniture is not as hard as you may think. It may appear to be such since the furniture seems to be highly meticulous and sophisticated. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to maintain this type of furniture, don’t be. Simply follow the instructions outlined above and you’ll be able to enjoy your stylish bone inlay without any worries. Shop our bone inlay furniture range.