Decorate with bone inlay

Bone inlay furniture originated in Royal households. It is considered as the furniture for the royalties. With its intricate handcrafted designs, meticulous patterns, and quality craftsmanship, it’s no wonder bone inlay is considered furniture fit for a king. While bone inlay has a long historical origin, the style and workmanship are greatly appreciated up to this day. The designs and patterns themselves have transformed and the pieces are now used widely in contemporary interior design schemes. If you are planning of getting bone inlay furniture in the future, take note of the tips below on how to decorate with bone inlay.

1. transform your living room with bone inlay furniture

Adding a bone inlay furniture piece may not be as simple as putting in a wooden coffee or console table in a corner. Bone inlay has special characteristics. It can either make or break a space depending on where you put it including what kind of furniture it is. It is ideal to think through what style you wish to have in your home. Bone inlay can then be used as a statement piece. Even just one piece of bone inlay furniture can completely transform a space. Therefore, do not overdo it. Keep things simple and select at least one or two pieces of bone inlay furniture to showcase.

2. matching bone inlay nightstands and dressers

Bone inlay has interesting patterns. The patterns can be geometric or floral. When adding bone inlay furniture in the bedroom, select them in pairs. For example, a pair of bone inlay nightstands create coherence and symmetry in the room. Compared to simple wooden bedside tables, bone inlay furniture emphasises the details.

3. bone inlay bedhead

There are many interesting ways to incorporate bone inlay other than with dressers and nightstands. Having a bone inlay headboard design is one creative way of adding the feature into the scene. You can customise your headboard with a certain pattern and request for custom-made bone inlay headboard.

4. bone inlay mirror frame

A bone inlay mirror frame is a perfect addition to a rustic-themed home or a bohemian-style living space. Pieces like these are exquisite and artistic. When putting up a mirror with a bone inlay feature, make sure you put it in the right place. Keep in mind that location matters in interior design. When put in a bathroom or powder room, for example, the bone inlay framed mirror might look a little awkward and outdated. Pieces like these are best used for decoration to showcase their sophisticated craftsmanship. Therefore, hang them up in areas like the entryway, and the living room.

5. bone inlay coffee table

You can never go wrong with a bone inlay coffee table. So regardless of what interior design style you choose for your room, you can incorporate bone inlay furniture without worrying about whether or not it affects the style.

If you’re considering purchasing bone inlay furniture, go ahead and check our latest list of bone inlay furniture pieces and get yours today.