Linen is made from the fibres of a flax plant. It has been widely used as a textile for thousands of years. It is a natural basic fabric and caring for it is actually pretty straightforward. Many people believe that linen fabrics are difficult to clean and maintain. But it’s not entirely true. In this short blog, we are going to talk about how simple it is to care for linen and keep it looking great and new for many years to come. If you have linen fabrics at home, whether it’s your bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers, or furniture upholstery and you are looking for the best way to maintain the quality of the fabric, read more below.

1. your linen upholstered furniture should be vacuumed regularly

Linen fabrics have tiny weaves where dust particles and pet hairs can accumulate. Be sure to vacuum your upholstery regularly to keep the surface clean and free of dust. Vacuum below and along the seams of any unattached cushions. Slipcovers and throw pillow covers should also be vacuumed. This will maintain your furniture in good shape and avoid long-term damage.

2. avoid rubbing stains or spills 

If anything spills on your furniture, soak it up with a clean, wet towel. Scrubbing the stain into the fabric with the cloth will make it much more difficult to remove, and can potentially ruin the fabric’s surface. Instead, dab and remove the stains gently for a cleaner result. Note that linens with darker colours are usually extensively dyed. Therefore, when removing stains out of a linen upholstery with a darker colour, do it gently and lightly to avoid rubbing off the dye and leaving a blotch.

3. use a mild detergent to clean

When washing your linen fabrics, use a mild detergent or cleaning soap as it can effectively remove persistent stains without needing to scrape. Keep in mind that scraping can damage your linen so avoid doing it too much. You can use a sponge to carefully lift off the stain from the fabric by gently dabbing it on the surface. Another excellent alternative for removing difficult stains is bicarbonate soda. Simply sprinkle the soda with the stain then vacuum it up and wipe it with a wet towel.

4. machine washed at 30 degrees or less

To avoid shrinking the cloth, linen covers should be washed at 30 degrees or less. Remove the covers from the machine as soon as the wash is completed to minimise creasing as much as possible. Use a clothes horse to hang the covers to dry, and avoid using pins or clips that may squeeze and mark the fabric. Use an iron to eliminate any persistent wrinkles.

5. avoid exposing your linen to direct sunlight

If your living area gets a lot of natural light, we recommend going with lighter-coloured linens to avoid any noticeable fading. Darker-coloured linens should not be exposed to extreme UV rays as placing linen in direct sunlight can cause the fabric to fade. Therefore, take into consideration the placement and layout of your furniture when you have linen upholstery.

 A linen-upholstered furniture is a great piece to have since it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere in your house. Keeping the cloth in good condition is likewise simple and easy. If you’re thinking about buying linen upholstered furniture or searching for ways to clean and preserve your existing ones, we hope you find this article helpful. Now that you have our tips on keeping your linen fresh and new, check out our catalog of upholstered linen furniture here.